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Asunto Espanjasta – Property from Spain

30 Nov

Fiestas Patronales and opening hours in December

Fiestas Patronales
Fiestas patronales

Every year during the last week of November and the first week of December, Torrevieja celebrates a wonderful festival in honour of Inmaculada Concepción who is the patron saint of the city. This is called ¨Las fiestas patronales”. The festivities are a combination of the traditional and popular events where everyone could find something interesting.

You can enjoy concerts, gastronomy and poetry competitions, processions with giants carnival figures with large heads, children´s parade and much more. Admirers of the Spanish cuisine can´t miss the big paella competition! One of the most important events for residents is on 2nd when people offer flowers to La Inmaculada Concepción (Ofrenda Floral, takes place at Plaza de la Constitución at 16.30) and after that the Nativity Scene is opened. The highlight comes on December 8th, when there is a solemn procession with the statue of the patron along the main streets followed by a massive fireworks display that rounds off the festival with a bang.

Download the Festival Programme here

Opening hours during the Festival time

Our offices are closed during 6th and 8th of December as well as 25th, 30th, 31st of December and 1st and 6th of January, 2018. On 22nd of December we are open only until 14.00 as we are then celebrating out X-mas party!

We wish you Happy Holidays!

24 Nov


Great apartment in La Mata!

This cozy two-floor apartment boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and a spacious balcony. On the rooftop terrace you can enjoy sunny days. The apartment is furnished and well equipped, it has Internet, air conditioning and a sofa bed in the living room. Sleeping places for 8 people.

The apartment is well suited for active vacationers, as the community has a beautiful pool area and tennis courts. La Mata beach is just a few minutes walk away. A car parking space.

Electricity is paid separately according to consumption 0.23€ / kWh.

01 Nov

All Saints Day, 1st of November, our offices are closed

Today, 1st of November our offices are closes due to the a bank holiday, All Saints Day.
Our offices are open as usual from tomorrow.

19 Oct

Yacht race Volvo Ocean Race starting in Alicante!

Yacht race Volvo Ocean Race starting in Alicante!

In October 2017 the famous Volvo Ocean Race will start from Alicante – being the fourth time the race will start from this coastal Spanish city.

The Volvo Ocean Race is around-the-world yacht race that is held every three years. This is one of the longest professional sporting events in the world. Typically the race starts off in Europe and usually it has had 9-10 legs with in-port races at stopover cities.

This time the boats will voyage over 45 000 nautical miles and through 12 cities including for example Lisbon, Cape Town, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Auckland and ending in the Hague.

The Race Village in Alicante will be open from the 11th of until 22nd of October. In the harbor you can admire the iconic race boats up close – and if you get lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the sailors preparing themselves for the race! There is also an abundant program that includes concerts, animations, introduction to sailing, interactive museum and much more. In the same time you can discover what else does Alicante have to offer!

Read more: and

09 Oct

9th and 12th of October National holidays

Today 9th of October our offices are closed due to the bank holiday, the day of the Valencian Community.

On 12th of October we are also closed as it is Spanish National Day.
Rest of the week we are open as usual.

Have a nice holidays!

12 Jul

Second hand property prices increasing in Spain

In the second quarter of 2017 the prices of second hand properties in Spain have increased by 1,5% compared to last year. The prices have risen the most in the Balearics (16,6%), Catalonia (9,1%) and Canaries (8%). In Murcia the increase has been 1,6% and in Valencia 4,6%. There has also been a moderate rise in prices in Andalusia (3%) and Madrid (2,7%). In some areas the prices have fallen – with the most decrease in Navarra (-5,1%).

The most expensive properties can be found in the Basque Country in the provinces of Gipuzkoa and Biscay (2 710 €/ m2 ja 2.567 €/m2), followed by the provinces of Madrid (2.413 €/m2) and Barcelona (2.340 €/m2). The most affordable properties are located in Toledo (815 €/m2), Ávila (828 €/m2) and Ciudad Real (865 €/m2).

The property prices vary depending on the area, and the prices continue to normalize at different speeds. Despite the increase in prices in certain areas, the prices have not reached as high levels as a decade ago, and so far a new price bubble is not expected.

Source: Idealista

09 Jun

Las Hogueras de San Juan in June!

Las Hogueras de San Juan in June!

Las Hogueras de San Juan is a Spanish festival to celebrate the beginning of summer. This celebration has been celebrated in Spain since the 1920s, and the tradition continues when bonfires, monuments and statues are set on fire at midnight at the weekend.

Las Hogueras de San Juan in Alicante

This festival is celebrated in Alicante and it is one of the year’s biggest party it has also been declared as an international tourist attraction. There will be lots of events starting from the beginning of June until 24th when the celebration of Las Hogueras de San Juan will come to an end with big fireworks and doll looking statues and bonfires on the streets are set on fire. This is called La Cremá and during that time firefighters spray water over the viewers. La Cremá is originally originated as a cleansing ritual, when people forget all the problems and bad things that occurred during the past year. Inflammable dolls act as symbols of evil and misfortune.


Also Torrevieja is celebrating the beginning of summer with bonfires. In different neighborhoods, people build their own bonfires at the beach. There is also spectacular midnight fireworks on Playa del Curma, which you don’t want to miss! The cleaning ritual is also done in Torrevieja, but a bit differently. Traditionally, people jump over the smaller bonfires that are set on fire as a symbol of cleansing.

09 Jun

San Javier festival

The one month lasting San Javier Jazz Festival is held for the 20th time in San Javier!
The famous jazz festival begins on 30th of June and continues all the way to 30th of July. There will be lots of different famous artists from all over the world. The price for a one day ticket varies from 15 to 40 euros but it is also possible to buy season ticket that costs 120 euros. With the season ticket you can visit all of the shows except two. During the festival there is also few free concerts ticket is not needed.

San Javier is a town situated next to the Mar Menor, the biggest salt lake in Europe, possessing a natural beauty and an incomparable weather. Spring is a permanent season in San Javier. From San Javier you will also find beautiful beaches both on the Mar Menor coastline and on the Mediterranean sea. The villages Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga del Menor offers lots of different services and leisure activities for example water sports. From San Javier you will also find culture. The city museum you find lots of information about the town and there is surprisingly also an aeroplane.

When visiting the area you should also visit the La Manga area located nearby. Beautiful, 24 kilometers long narrow cape separates the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean from each other. Due to its climate and long beaches, La Manga is popular from its watersports. Nearby is the leisure center La Manga Club that offers activities to golf, tennis and football enthusiasts.

For more information you will find the festivals official website

The famous jazz festival begins on 30th of June and continues all the way to 30th of July. There will be lots of different famous artists from all over the world. The price for a one day ticket varies from 15 to 40 euros but it is also possible to buy season ticket that costs 120 euros. With the season ticket you can visit all of the shows except two. During the festival there is also few free concerts ticket is not needed.

San Javier is a town situated next to the Mar Menor, the biggest salt lake in Europe, possessing a natural beauty and an incomparable weather. Spring is a permanent season in San Javier. From San Javier you will also find beautiful beaches both on the Mar Menor coastline and on the Mediterranean sea. The villages Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga del Menor offers lots of different services and leisure activities for example water sports. From San Javier you will also find culture. The city museum you find lots of information about the town and there is surprisingly also an aeroplane.

When visiting the area you should also visit the La Manga area located nearby. Beautiful, 24 kilometers long narrow cape separates the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean from each other. Due to its climate and long beaches, La Manga is popular from its watersports. Nearby is the leisure center La Manga Club that offers activities to golf, tennis and football enthusiasts.

More information can be found on the festivals official website

11 Apr

Wonderful San Pedro del Pinatar

Wonderful San Pedro del Pinatar

San Pedro del Pinatar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Costa Calida. The area is located in Mar Menor which is a salty lagoon in the Ibearian Peninsula. That means that San Pedro del Pinatar is located between the lagoon and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the only town in addition to La Manga which has beaches on the Mar Menor side as well as on the Mediterranean sea side. The beach area of San Pedro del Pinatar is usually called Lo Pagan.

There are many cosy beaches in the area for example Villananitos and La Puntica. The beaches of Mar Menor are usually more tranquil which invites a lot of families to enjoy these calm waters and sandy beaches! There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars as well as diverse activities to do like diving and surfing and beautiful parks to visit. Regional Park Salinas is a lovely area with lots to see and you can even find birds such as Flamingos there!

Mar Menor is extremely rich with salt and minerals and therefore it has many health-promoting as well as stress relieving effects. In Lo Pagan, you can also enjoy mud baths which you have to try while visiting San Pedro del Pinatar. Cover yourself in the mud, let it dry off in the sun and then go back to the water to wash it off! The mud bath refreshes and makes your skin silky smooth. You can also enjoy seawater at the Thalasia hotel & spa which is the perfect place to relax in – try different treatments or lay in the pools!

By exploring San Pedro del Pinatar and its surroundings you can surely find a reason to visit it again!


España, 2017. San Pedro del Pinatar.
Thalasia Costa de Murcia, 2017.
Único San Pedro del Pinatar, 2017.

07 Apr

Semana Santa

Easter is a week long grand celebration in Spain which is called Semana Santa. This holiday has long traditions and spending it has a huge role in the Spanish culture.

During the week, there are many easter processions and masses being organized in Torrevieja. This year Semana Santa will be from Sunday 9.4 until Sunday 16.4. This eventful week offers lots to see and to experience and in this article we will introduce a few highlights which are happening in Torrevieja.

13.4. Maundy Thursday: Plaza de Constitución- Procession starts from the plaza at 23.00 which portraits the crucified Jesus Christ

14.4 Good Friday: La Plaza del Calvario- Procession starts from the plaza at 00.30 which plays the occurrences of the Golgotha cross

15.4 Holy Saturday: Virgen del Carmen – Drum parade starting from the cultural centre at 22.30 expresses Jesus´ victory against death

More about the programme of Semana Santa you can read in Spanish from Torrevieja´s official website. On the website you can find specific descriptions, routes of the processions and schedules.

Zariko wishes a happy and relaxing Easter time for everyone!

Sources:, 2017. Semana Santa Torrevieja 2017.

18 Mar

Lets run!

Costa Blanca offers, along its beautiful beaches, lots of activities for the ones who need more action. If you feel like getting active, it’s time to put on your running shoes, grab a bottle of water and get to know the area from a whole new perspective!

You can go for a run whenever by yourself or sign up for running events organised in different localities. Because of hot weathers it is important to take care of hydration and sunblock.

On the webpage of the Costa Blanca Running Circuito 2017 you can find a wide range of information on the running events in the area. The association’s goal is to articulate the health benefits of exercise, inspire to move and offer opportunities to participate in events. The webpage is easy to read and you can find all the necessary information including prices and routes.

Running is very popular in Spain, that is why there has been a nationwide webpage set up for it, There you can easily search for upcoming events by regions. Especially in our area of Costa Blanca, the half-marathons of Orihuela, Torrevieja and Elche have drawn huge attention. For this year there is only the half-marathon of Elche that has not been held yet. This event is organised on the 2nd of April 2017.

Different obstacles and stairs bring a little kick in to the running, try those for example in the Xtrem Running Race that is held in Elche on the 11th of June 2017. On the 13th of May 2017, 924 stairs will be run in a gorgeous, 52-floor hotel in Benidorm. This event does not lack of speed!

Running lets you release energy and challenge yourself. It enhances well-being and the refreshing rays of sunshine travel along bringing positivity in to the exercise!

08 Mar

Are you our new #1 sales agent?

We are looking for a new salesperson to our international team!

We expect you to:

  • Develop and maintain a customer database
  • Prepare sales action plans and strategies
  • Plan and conduct direct marketing activities
  • Provide revenue growth
  • Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships follow up on sales activity

You have a BBA degree or equivalent and a minimum of 2 -3 years of working experience, preferably sales related. You can handle multiple tasks and accomplish them within deadlines. You are fluent in Spanish and English as well as you know a third language (German, Flemish, Finnish or French). Also you should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Please email us your CV and a motivational letter explaining:

  • What are your personal strengths and areas of interest?
  • What makes you a great salesperson?
  • What additional skills you would bring to our company?
  • What do you expect from your future?

The job is located at the Zariko Torrevieja and Lo Pagán offices, starting 1.4.2017 or as agreed, and is full-time.


17 Feb

Carnivals- time of colors and joy!

Carnival season has begun!
It’s again the time of the year when music, dance, colors and happiness join together for a magical combination – Carnivals! Of all the crazy celebrations in Spain there is nothing wilder than the Carnival celebrations in late February. You’ll see spectacular street parades, performances and amazing fiestas which usually last from dusk until dawn!

The carnivals in Spain are usually known for their fantastic masks and rich imagination costumes. Everyone in all ages participates to celebrate and dance by throwing worries aside for a while. It’s promised that in carnivals you will always experience laughter, joy and of course good music! The streets in towns and cities all over Spain are filled with wild partying, humour, parodies and a general atmosphere of fun and high spirits.

The origin of Carnival is not for certain. It is believed that the early traditions of the festival can be traced back as far as ancient Rome and Greece. The origin of the feast is also seen by historians as early as 5,000 years ago in Egypt and Sumer. The most known theory is that Carnival was born along side Lent. These days pre-lent carnivals are really popular and people around the world will join in the crazy festival known as Carnival and celebrate for many days in a row and also days and nights!

Carnivals in Torrevieja
In Torrevieja celebration was started in January and the festivities will last for 4 weeks. Main parades will be seen 19.2 on Sunday at 16.00 and the grand finale in the evening of 25.2 Saturday 22.00. Main parades starts at Asunción Square Ramón Gallud street to the Patricio Pérez street.

Torreviejas parade routes and other information here!

Pictures taken in Torrevieja 2009.

21 Dec

X-mas season opening hours

Happy holidays from our team and thank you everyone for being with us in 2016!

Our offices will be closed on th 24th and 31st of December and otherwise business as usual!

21 Jun

The Bonfires of Saint John in Spain

Las Hogueras de San Juan – the Bonfires of Saint John is here! In Spain, especially in the city of Alicante the arrival of summer is celebrated to the fullest. In Alicante, festive program has already been taking place since the beginning of June.

Now that it’s the week of the Bonfires of Saint John, there is continuously something happening in Alicante. The 24th of June is the culmination of the fiesta – after the daytime program, there is a huge firework-show “Palmera” at midnight, which is followed by “La Cremà”, the burning; During La Cremà, the big Ninot-monuments at the streets, that describe the current faults, will be set on fire while the firemen will spray water on people. After the culmination, you can enjoy incredible firework-shows every midnight from 25.6-29.6 on the beach of Alicante.

You can also enjoy the Bonfires in Torrevieja – June 23rd thousands of people are going to perform a “purification ritual”; There will be a bunch of bonfires and jumping over them will make all the bad from the past 12 months disappear. Furthermore, every neighborhood has its own little celebrations and at midnight, there will be a beautiful firework-show on the beach.

Download the official program for Alicante’s Saint John here.

02 Jun

Foreigners buy more expensive apartments in Spain than the Spanish locals

According to the statistics of the Notary, foreigners purchase up to 28% more expensive apartments from Spain than Spanish citizens themselves. The foreigners pay around 1.598 euros for a square meter, whereas the locals usually pay 1.247 euros.
There is different behavior considering prices amongst the foreign buyers: in 2015 the average square meter price for foreign non-residents increased by 5.6% to 1.792 euros, while the spending decreased by 0.1% to 1.367 euros for the foreign residents in Spain. The notary has noticed a stabilization in the development of square meter prices since 2013.
The statistics indicate that the most luxurious apartments have been the most popular amongst the German, Danish, Russian, Swedish and Swiss citizens. The most expensive apartments preffered by the foreigners are found in Balearic Islands, Basque-country, Madrid and Catalonia.
The most apartment deals done by foreigners were done by the British (20,6%), French (8,8%), German (7,5%), Belgian (5,7%), Italian (5,5%) and Romanian (5,3%). They contribute to over half of all the realestate sales done by foreigners in Spain.
In earlier times foreign residents in Spain were buying more properties than non-residents. It changed in 2012, after which the non-residents have been buying 7% more properties than the foreigners already residing in Spain. However, their number of purchasing apartments increased last year by 18,2%. The non-residents still contribute to 51.7% of all real-estate sales done in Spain.

24 May

The sales of the second hand properties is increasing

During January, February and March nearly 1100 properties were sold daily – the sales of the years first quarter was about 9.2% more than a year ago and it’s the best result in 5 years. During these 3 months 99 113 properties were sold in total – the last time this result has been reached during the same timespan was in 2011 with 122 933 properties. Alone the sales of March increased 16,8% from the last year, which is the second largest increase during the past 25 months streak.

The new construction sales in turn have continued its 23 months long decrease. This is a result of that all the time less properties can be classified as new – the property can be classified as new only for a year after the its completion. During the first quarter of the year the new construction sales have decreased 13%. (INE)

The sales have increased the most from last year in the communities of Canarias, Extremadura and Cantabria. La Rioja and Galicia are the only communities that’s sales have decreased from last year.


07 May

Blue Flag beaches are announced

Spain is the leading country with the most Blue Flag awards. The country has 586 Blue Flag beaches and 100 marinas. Inside Spain, the province of Alicante is leading with 62 beaches and 13 marinas.

The Blue Flag is awarded when a beach, a marina or a Sustainable Boating Tourism Operator fulfills the certain standards, such as water quality, environmental information and safety services.

In the province of Alicante, the beaches Calpe, Alfás del Pi, El Campello and San Juan have won the Blue Flag 30 consecutive editions!

This yea in Torrevieja, the beaches of Torrelamata-Sur, Cura, Los Locos, Los Náufragos and Cala Piteras are awarded with the Blue Flag.

Read the original text in Spanish:
Blue Flag beach list:

12 Apr

We are looking for a trainee for summer/fall/winter 2016

We are looking for a trainee for spring – autumn 2015 or winter -spring-summer 2016 (student of business/financial administration, marketing)

We offer a job placement for students in our real estate agency in Torrevieja.

Possible duties:

- updating internet pages
- adding marketing material of new properties to different internet portals
- translation of articles (if the language skills are good enough)
- making newsletters
- planning internet material and executing it with partners
- making and sending marketing material
- ordering office material and looking after the schedule
- customer service and other office based duties
- other task according to the level of enthusiasm and skills


- fluent English and/or Spanish (spoken and written)
- as a person initiative and well organized
- adaptation to quick working speed

If you get chosen, we will help you to find apartment and with other praxis related to living in Spain. Job placement is unpaid.
Applications should be sent via e-mail to the address below.

Other information:
Send your application and CV to Job placement can as agreed.

21 Mar

Easter processions in Torrevieja

In Spain, Easter is celebrated for 8 days beginning on Palm Sunday. It’s typical that there are processions every day during this week, called Semana Santa in Spanish. This year the first processions were on Palm Sunday, 20th of March and the last procession on Monday, 4th of April. We have collected the timetables of the processions here, the routes can be found by opening the link.

Monday 21.3.2016
22:00 –

Tuesday 22.3.2016
22:00 –

Wednesday 23.3.2016
22:00 –

Thursday 24.3.2016
23:00 –

Friday 25.3.2016
00:30 –
20:00 –

Saturday 26.3.2016
22:30 –

Sunday 27.3.2016
08:00 -

Monday 28.3.2016
08:30 –

18 Mar

Spring bank holiday opening hours

During the spring bank holidays our offices will be closed as following:

Our Torrevieja’s office will be closed on March 19th as it is a local bank holiday (also Spanish Father’s Day) and on the Good Friday 25th of March and on the Monday 28th of March as well as on 4th of April.

Our office in Murcia region in Lo Pagan will be closed on the Good Friday 25th of March and on 29th of March, which is local a bank holiday.

During the bank holidays viewing upon request.

Otherwise we are open from Monday to Friday from  10.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdays 10.00-14.00. Welcome!

19 Feb

The market share of the Swedes in Costa Blanca’s real estate market has grown remarkably while the Russian’s has decreased

According to the latest information of Colegio de Notarios, the role of the Swedes in Costa Blanca’s real estate market has grown as the second most important foreign country. On the other hand, Russian’s role has decreased remarkably. As usual, UK carries on as the leading foreign country. Last year, foreigners bought 17 468 properties in total in the province of Alicante, being the fifth year in a row with increase of the foreign Real Estate market. From 2010, the business has nearly doubled.

Even as UK has led as the foreign country, it has also increased the amount of purchases. In 2015 the British bought 4826 properties in Alicante, which is about 50% more than the previous year. One of the biggest factors for this is probably the change which allows the British to access all their private pension fund at once when it’s directed to a property. In addition, the properties of Costa Blanca seem quite cheap now due to the devaluation of the euro in front of the pound.

Another big change in the Alicante’s real estate market is the collapse of the Russians’ purchases. The amount of the properties bought by Russians decreased by half from 2014 to 2015. The Swedish in turn increased their purchases with 19% during the same timespan, becoming the second leading foreing country in this market. Along with being a significant part in the tourism of Benidorm, now they have found the rest of the Costa Blanca. One of the factors for this change is the economic growth oh Sweden and good connections between The Airport of Alicante and Sweden.

Read the original Spanish text:

01 Sep

Help us to help the local animal rescue organization!

Do you have used towels and sheets that have seen their best days? Or is your vacation coming to an end and a suitcase is bursting with the lack of space?
We want to do our part by helping the work of the local animal rescue organization S.A.T Animal Rescue. That’s why we decided you can bring to our office clean towels and sheets, and also clean, neat clothes. Clothes are sold in S.A.T. stores, and the profit will go to the association’s activities.

Help us to help, together we will succeed!

23 Jun

Bonfires of San Juan

Now that midsummer is here again, we decided to introduce to you the Spanish midsummer, San Juan. For Nordics, it is a celebration of midsummer whereas for Spanish it stands for the beginning of the summer. The Spanish are known for their love for celebrations and having fun with friends and family, and San Juan is no exception.

In Spain, the night of San Juan is traditionally spent on the beach. The night consists of bonfires, eating, drinking and socializing. The night of 24th of June is shorter than any other night of the year. During that magical night, according to the mythology, the strangest things can happen. For example, the pagan gods can appear to people. If you jump over the bonfire more than three times during that special night, your soul will be cleansed and your problems will burn away. Jumping to the ocean will also expel bad spirits.

The same traditions apply to Alicante where San Juan is celebrated by burning bonfires. In addition to praising fire, the streets are filled with music, fireworks and lots of colours. Thousands of people wonder the streets to experience this amazing celebration. On the 23rd of June the people of Alicante escape to the countryside. They prepare a traditional festive dinner, light the bonfire at midnight, shoot fireworks and swim in the ocean. The bonfire is also praised by throwing “dolls”, which are made of wood or cardboard, to the fire.

The celebrations of San Juan last for multiple days. Every May, the queen of the fiesta, Bellea del Foc, or “beauty of fire”, is picked from candidates chosen by local committees. The celebrations start officially on the 20th of June, with the construction of bonfires on beaches and humoristic cardboard characters filling the streets. Also, huge tents are set up all around to provide a dancing floor for the merrymakers. Some of the highlights of the party are the arrival of the bands and the queen and the traditional Spanish parade, with dance groups from all over the world. In addition, fireworks are shot in the Plaza de los Luceros everyday from 19.6 to 24.6. Earplugs are recommended!

At midnight on the 24th, comes the Grand Finale, or “cremá”, which is the burning of the bonfire. The bonfires on are lit, people are dancing and singing at the same time as the firefighets water the merrymakers with water.

13 Apr

Today, 13th our office in Torrevieja in closed, but office in Lo Pagán is open

Today, Monday 13th, our office in Torrevieja is closed due to a local bank holiday, while our office in Lo Pagán is open in new premises at Avda Generalisimo, 38 Lo Pagán! Alex and Jesús will be attending you there today as normal from 10.00 to 18.00!

Direct numbers:
Office in Lo Pagán: +34 868 045 993
Alex: +34 662 303 550
Jesús: +34 600 361 841

03 Nov

Our after sales services

Are you aware of the After Sales Services we offer to our customers? Here at Zariko our emphasis on excellent customer service and complete client satisfaction spans the entirety of a deal; prior, during and after. Our highly skilled staff and our extensive list of collaborators will assist you according to your own needs and preferences.

Our after sales services are always personalised to the needs of our customer and the property itself. For instance, before moving into a new property you might want to have a clean start or get the property painted before moving in.  On the other hand, you might have to be out of the property for a long time and request maintenance support for the property whilst you are away. This service could include for example running the water, airing the apartment, emptying your mailbox etc.

If you wish to let your house whilst away, we can offer it for holiday use to our broad customer base and in case there is no one using the property, it can be rented out for long-term. We also offer key-holding and cleaning services in preparation for your return, which will ensure you that experience the smoothest possible arrival. You can even order your airport transfer through us.

08 Oct

12th of October, National holiday


The Fiesta Nacional de España or Día de la Hispanidad is a national holiday in Spain held annually on October 12. It commemorates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas, a day also celebrated in other countries.

The anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the New World on October 12, 1492, is widely celebrated throughout the Americas; it is known as Columbus Day in the United States and as Día de la Raza in various Latin American countries. Celebration of the anniversary in Spain dates to 1935, when the first festival was held in Madrid. The day was known as Dia de la Hispanidad. On November 27, 1981, a royal decree established Día de la Hispanidad as a national holiday.

On the day of Fiesta Nacional de España the king of Spain supervises the raising of the Spanish national flag in the center of Madrid. He and the prime minister lead a military parade after that, in which most of Spain’s military units representatives participate. Armed forces’ planes perform aerobatics and display yellow and red smoke to represent the Spanish flag. There is live broadcast throughout these events.
People in the Aragon region also commemorate Our Lady of the Pillar, their patron saint, on October 12.

Public life
Hispanic Day is a quiet day, with most businesses having a day off and people spending time home with family and friends. Some smaller stores may be open. Public transport runs with reduced schedule.



03 Oct

New rental properties wanted!

We are looking for more rental properties to respond a growing demand. Most of our clients are looking for high quality and well- equipped apartments, so the apartment should be in a good condition and preferably sunny (south or west orientated) and have an air-conditioning. Other equipment, such as a dishwasher or an ADSL connection, is always a plus. The apartment can be of any type, bungalow, apartment, duplex, villa etc. from the regions of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. During the winter time, our clients are mostly Scandinavian and  during summer time they are locals on vacation. Most of the clients are looking for short-term rentals (1week-7months).

Please contact Mia Komppa, she will be happy to discus your home’s rental opportunities!

Mia Komppa
Rental department
Zariko Properties
GSM: +34 607 043 174
Skype: rentalszariko

14 Aug


15th of August is the Assumption Day, national holiday in Spain. We will be back to office on Saturday.

02 Jun

Opening of the new office!!!

New office in San Pedro del Pinatar!

Zariko is expanding: we will open a new office in San Pedro del Pinatar in order to serve our growing clientele in the area of Murcia. Next Thursday 5.6.2014 we will celebrate the opening of the San Pedro office and we would like you to join us for a nice chat and check out the latest listings in the area of Murcia. We will serve finger food between 12 and 18.

Our address in San Pedro del Pinatar is Avenida Generalísimo 90 and the phone number is 868 045 993. The opening hours of San Pedro are the same as in Torrevieja: Monday to Friday 10-18 and on Saturdays 10-14.

Our office in Torrevieja is closed on that day.

20 Jul

Download the bank’s review of listings

The bank’s Pásalo review is now available in digital form! Explore the magazine to find great properties on sale in the regions of Valencia and Murcia. You can download the review in PDF form below.

15 Jun

Alicante, the province with the most blue flags on its beaches

La Mata Beach The community of Valencia achieved a record of a total of 127 blue flags for its beaches and ports in the year 2013. The province of Alicante is holding a total of 70 of these, of which 58 have been given for its beaches and 12 for its ports. This accumulates Alicante as the province of the most recognition for the quality of its water and its installations. These numbers equal a 38 per cent of the beaches with blue flags in the community of Valencia whereas the average number in Spain is 20 per cent of the beaches.

Spain has gained a total of 10 new blue flags, of which the community of Valencia is holding 7. The regional secretary of Agriculture, Fishery, Food and Water, Joaquín Vañó, states that these acknowledgements recognise the work of the Government in protection and improvement of the coast and the water. A 90 per cent of the beaches present an “excellent” quality of the water. Vañó also considers this as a stimulant for administration in the times of obtaining the compliance of beaches with the current European regulations.

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17 Jan

Energy certificate obligatory

From the beginning of June it will be obligatory to have a certificate of energy efficiency when renting or selling houses. From the beginning of May, those who are renting or selling apartments built before year 2007, have to get this certificate.
According to the Ministry of Industry, the draft law containing this obligatory document is expected to obtain royal approval during this month and will have an adjustment period of two months until April, when the government requires this certificate for all the apartments.
This is a demand from Europe and it is expected to be approved before 1st of January. The Ministry of Industry has said that the royal approval will be obtained on time, however if this deadline is not obeyed Spain will probably have to pay the penalty from Europe.
When these new regulations come into effect in Spain 1st of June 2013 all the apartments that are for sale or for rent, has to have a certificate of energy efficiency. The regulation will only exclude protected buildings and monuments that are used to religious activity or those residential buildings that are subject to a lease for less than four months a year, among others.
The reform of legislation is from EU and it was supposed to be in place in Spain since 1st of January 2013. However, it seems to be coming into effect 1st of June 2013.

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20 Sep

The province of Alicante leads the sales of properties made by foreigners

In the second quarter of the year 2012, the Valencian community led the sales of properties made by foreigners in Spain, with a total of 3.114. Most of these operations (2.645) were made in the province of Alicante. Foreign residents made 9.502 operations during the second quarter, representing an increase of 12% compared to the same period of year 2011. This is also the highest amount since four years ago, when the sales reached 11.130 operations.

One factor that explains the rise in purchases made by foreigners in Spain is the decline in prices of real estates, which in the second quarter fell by 8.3% to 1.6006,4€ per square meter. This equals to the price level of year 2004.

However, these figures are still far from the nearly 30.000 which were registered, for example, in the same period in 2006.

Most purchases made in the second quarter of the year took place in Valencia (3.114), Andalusia (1.676), Catalonia (1.615) and the Canary (1173). The lowest numbers of operations were registered in Cantabria (15), Ceuta and Melilla (16) and Extremadura (18).

When examined the purchases by the province of the residence of the buyer and the location of the property, Alicante led the statistics with 2.645 operations. It was followed by Malaga (1.127), Barcelona (847), Tenerife (655), Baleares (536), Las Palmas (518) and Madrid (522). On the opposite side stood Avila (2), Ceuta, (3) and Palencia (4).

The investments made by foreign citizens when buying a property in Spain during the first three months of the year 2012 rose 2.5%, to 1.163 million euros. The latest data from the Bank of Spain shows that this amount is the biggest since the second quarter of 2011.


Original article: Diario Informacion 16.9.2012

26 May

At the first quartal the sale of apartments increased 21.9%

According to the Spanish land register´s real estate business statistics (Estadística Registral Inmobiliaria) there were 92 211 properties sold during the first quartal of 2012 which means 21,9% increase compared to the previous quartal. The biggest increase was with the new buildings (+29,4%) which means 48 691 sold properties. This was 52,8% of the all sold properties. During the last 12 months there was 337 873 sales registered in the land register which was 25,3% less and the least since year 2005 (2005 land register started to make statistics of sold properties*). There were 170 706 sold new properties and 167 167 where used properties.

The average quantity of the mortgage decreased

The quantity on given mortgage where approximately 109 453€, which means 4,2% decrease compared to the previous quartal, and equals the level in 2004. Most of the mortgages (90,8%) were binded to Euribor and only 3,1% were fixed interest rate loans. Average interest was 4,13% when during the last 12 months it was 3.98%. People at the land register noted that even the Euribor is decreasing, interest rates are increasing due to the economical situation and the growth of the risks. The average in the payment of the loans in a month was more or less the same than in 2005, 603,3€ which is 31,9% of the monthly income of the borrower. This (31,9%) was one of the smallest value of the history. The period of mortgage decreased 3% to average of 23 years and 9 months.

*Note by the translator

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11 May

Why to buy house right now!

In the article pulished in te website of CNN Money 3rd of May, the housing experts predict that this year is the last chance to benefit from the low house prises and low mortgage rates since in next year the prises are likely to raise.

The full article you can read from:
But under you can find a short summary of the artikle.

Several housin experts are predicting that the property prises will increace in 2013. They say that now is the last change to benefit from the weak housing markets. They aslo guess that it si highly likely that buying a house will never be as cheap nor cheaper than right now. Stuart Hoffman, chief economist for PNC Financial Services predcts that prises will stop falling by the third quartal and tart rising by next year. He says that many thing will help the situation to reinforse e.g. decline in the number of foreclosures and the job growth. Also byers will increase their possibility to get mortgages when their finance situation gets better and their credit scores improve.

In other hand econimist Trulia’s Jed Kolko expects prices to increase more rapidly. Based on his data national average for asking prices already increased 1.4% in the first quarter of 2012, compared to the last quarter of 2011. But the situation will most propably change in slow motion so the house buyers who are not quite ready to make their desisions are not in the horry. One speculation is that the prices will increase only 2% and another one says that they will increase 4.2% throught the year 2013.

Alex Villacorte, the director of analytics for Clear Capital, says that the price of the properties that the bank has foreclosured is quite high due to the fact that these properties are bought by investors who are fixing them and renting them out, often to the people who have lost their houses during the financial crisis. “That could have a significant impact on the market overall in terms of providing a rising floor to home values,” he said.

“Mortgage rates have been at or near historic lows for much of the past six months. The average interest rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage has not topped 4.5% since July 2011 and this week, it hit 3.84%, a new low.”

Doug Lebda, CEO of LendingTree, the online lending site, thinks that rates aren’t remaining at these record-low levels much longer. As the economy continues to recover, rates will move higher. Although, he said, they will “stay very reasonable.”

Stan Humphries, chief economist for Zillow, thinks that when the prices stop declining and the markets stabilize the buyers will feel more comfortable about buying. “People can now see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “And that can be enough to get them off the fence.”

05 Apr

Sales people required!

We are looking for a salesperson to join our team.

Job description:
Daily work consists of customer services: to be in contact with our international and local clients and with our international cooperation agencies,  to take in new properties and to show properties for the possible buyers, to handle the buying process.


- Fluent Spanish and English
- Language skills in one of the following languages: Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, German or French
- Experience in sales, preferably in real estate business
- Good skills with people
- Positive mind

Salary: to be agreed

Working time: 40hours/week

Contract: first contract will be 3 months, which can be renewed if both parties agree.




21 Mar

Now for sale Pizzeria in the centre of Torrevieja!

Pizzeria for sale in the centre of Torrevieja

Pizzeria in C/ La Loma, Torrevieja. Whole surface is about 100 m2, dining area 63 m2, kitchen with equipments, 11 tables and 2 toilets. Reference: L29

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23 Feb

B&B For Sale!

Now Bead&Breakfast for Sale! You can find more info here!

27 Aug

The Spanish government has reduced the VAT

The Spanish government has recently reduced the VAT that the buyers have the obligation to pay after having bought a new built property. The reduction has been from 8% to 4%. The aim is to re-activate the selling and to reduce the huge stock of new built properties, around 700 000 in Spain. This VAT reduction will be available only until the 31st of December 2011, and according to many experts’ opinion will hardly produce any improvement. In general the experts think that even after this measure it will be more profitable for the buyers to invest in a second – hand property. They also think that the market needs other important conditions for the reactivation, like much more fluent mortgage lending.
Some experts remind us, that the same government had been risen the same tax 1% in June 2010, from 7% to 8%.

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04 Aug

Government of the Spain is trying to entice foreign investors

Government of the Spain is trying to entice foreign investors

Permanent Secretary of Spain, Beatriz Corredor, has been visiting several countries informing about oppurtunities to invest on real estates in Spain. According to Corredor, the housing market of Spain is now excellent for making investments.

In the first quarter of 2008 the prices dropped down 15% in Spanish housing market. The fall in prices has been most brutal in the coast, for example the prices drop by 40% in Malaga.

Good public transport, low crime and good weather are the arguments that Beatriz Corredor used when persuading swedish to invest in Spain on her visit to Sweden. Beatriz Corredor’s visit to Sweden was not a coincidence, because last year, more than a million Swedes went to Spain and in 2010, the the number of the Swedish housebuyers doubled from the previous year.

Corredor also present some statistics to support the positive price trends of the housing market forecasts and highlights the decline of number of the uninhabited houses and the  the 6% growth in the sales figures. Last year was the first year when the sales prices were increasing after the crisis.

Increasing of the prices in the housing market of Spain

- In the first quarter of 2008 the prices dropped down 15% in Spanish housing market.

- The price decline has been greates in the coastal cities. For example, in Marbella, prices have fallen by 40% and in Torrevieja by 31%

-In 2010, the housing market grew by 6% from the year before. The number of foreign housebyuers increased by 21% (the number of swedish housebuyers increased by 105%).


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29 Jul

New bus service between Torrevieja and Alicante Airport!

For long time there have been plans about new bus connection between Torrevieja and Alicante airport and finally the plans are implemented. Bus company Costa Azul started running busses on the new bus route between Torrevieja and Alicante airport on monday, 23.5.2011. The new bus service is seeking for 100 000 customers in the first year, which means 70-90 customers a day. Ticket to the new express buss costs 6,79 €.

There are also plans, that for example low-fair airlines could offer packages, which includes the bus ticket, so the customers could book the bus ticket at the same time as flights.

One of the customers, who were interviewed about the new bus service, said that when you are saving 100 € in the return to airport, it affects positively to your consuming in the city. So the new bus service is good for the customers and the city of Torrevieja as well.



The express busses from Torrevieja to Alicante airport are departing at 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21.

Departing from airport to Torrevieja at 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22.


More short distance taxi rides

The new bus service is expected to bring more customer taking short distance rides to taxis, because people wanting to get a lift to the bus station. The new bus service is not running during the nights and it doesn´t stop for example in Orihuela Costa, so taxis will have demand even thought the new express bus starts running.


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Zariko Properties is not responsible for any changes in timetables.

29 Jul

New opening hours

From Monday 21.3.2011 on we have new opening hours in our office.

New opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 18:00

Sat: 10:00 – 14:00

29 Jul

The beaches of Orihuela Costa are the cleanest in whole Valencia region.

On 26/5/2011, Orihuela Costa was rewarded with eight Blue Flags which are given by EU’s Foundation for Environmental Education, FEE. Furthermore, Orihuela Costa got five Q’s which are given according to quality of services, safety and professionalism.

The Blue Flag programme works towards sustainable development at beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services.

Eight beaches/marinas worth of a blue flag in Orihuela Costa were Playa Flamenca, Cala Capitán, Cabo Roig, Campoamor, Barranco Rubio, Punta Prima, La Zenia. and Marina Cabo Roig’s leisure harbour. Orihuela Costa got more blue flags than any other city in whole autonomous region of Valencia.

Nationally, only three other cities were listed higher than Orihuela Costa, those were Calviá from Mallorca and northwestern cities of Vigo and Sansenxo.


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