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Asunto Espanjasta – Property from Spain

Long-term rental

Long-term rental

When renting an apartment, commonly a fixed-term contract with a maximum of 11 months is made. Usually fixed-term contracts can be extended, if there aren’t any issues with the tenant.

Lease agreement

The lease agreement can be written in Finnish, English or in Spanish. Later on, the contract can be copied or translated to one of the languages mentioned before on request of the tenant, in which case an administrative fee of 25 € is charged (21% VAT included).

Apartments and the standard equipment

Generally, the apartments have basic furniture and equipment: essentials furniture and necessary home appliances (stove, washing machine, refrigerator, boiler, either gas or electric). Depending on the apartment and the owner of the apartment, linen, towels, duvets, tableware or heating might not be included. In most cases, the owner is not willing to buy extra equipment. The apartments are rented as they are.

On the rental market, there are rarely unfurnished apartments available.

Rent deposit

The rent deposit is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent.

Commission fee

In the case of long-term rentals, the commission fee is paid by the landlord.

Paying the rent

The rent of the first month is to be paid by bank transfer one week before the arrival date or in cash or by credit card when the keys are handed over. The following payments are to be made during the first 5 days of each month. The following rents need to be paid straight to the Spanish bank account of the landlord.

Other extra costs

If the apartment is rented out for a longer period of time, it is customary that water and electricity fees are paid in correspondence to the invoices received. The tenant will have to set up a direct debit for these fees on a Spanish bank account. In this way the utility providers can charge the fees directly to the bank account of the tenant. When moving out of the apartment it is important to remember to notify the bank that the tenant will no longer pay the fees.

The electric bill comes either once a month or every other month. If the bill is received once a month, every second bill is an estimate which is based on the average consumption of the previous year and the other bills are based on the readout of the meter. If the bill is received every two months, it is always based on the readout of the meter.

The bill from the water company comes every three months and is usually based on the readout of the meter.

Unfortunately, the utility companies do not read the meters when tenants change. Hence, the first and last invoice may include more than the tenant’s own consumption. However, the amount charged from the tenant is based only on the average consumption during the time spent in the apartment.

The final utility bills may not have been issued before the tenant moves out from the apartment, in this case an appropriate amount is withheld from the rent deposit. Any money leftover is returned by bank transfer.

Many local landlords also charge the tenants maintenance costs separately, only a few charge their property tax as well.

Moving in to the apartment, handover of keys and moving out

On the day of arrival our staff will be in the apartment to welcome the tenant and to handover the keys to the apartment. Generally, the lease agreement is signed in Finnish and the rent for the first month or for the complete period is paid as well. In case the tenant has reserved airport transportation with us, the driver will handover the keys and the lease agreement. The rent can also be paid to the driver.

When moving out from the apartment a member of our staff will come to the apartment to conduct the final inspection and to return the rent deposit in cash during the office hours (if the apartment is in the same condition as on arrival).

If the tenant doesn’t use our transportation services and signing in or out takes place between 22.00 – 09.00, we will charge the tenant a fee of 25 €.

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