Zariko – Asunto Espanjasta – Property from Spain

Asunto Espanjasta – Property from Spain

Buying a property

Buying process


The seller can be private or a real estate agent. When buying from the owner make sure that you are familiarised with all the paperwork needed during the process.

  1. Sign a deposit, usually around 3000 €, which might vary depending on the seller
  2. Sign the purchase contract, specifying the property. Usually this is done when paying the deposit
  3. Sign a Title Deed at a Public Notary

New Developments

The process in this case is different for buying a resale property as the seller is a developer, and the residence may not be built yet. The steps for buying a new construction are the following:

  1. Sign a deposit
  2. Sign a Private Contract specifying the completion date and property handover as well as the payments to be made to the developer before the handover
  3. Sign the Public Title Deed and the Mortgage Deed (if the purchase is financed by means of a mortgage)


Signing the Title Deed

  1. Be there early! It is good to be there in the morning when the office opens as they do not take appointments
  2. In case you do not speak Spanish, you need to have an interpreter. The Notary does not sign any papers if one of the parties does not understand Spanish and does not have an interpreter present
  3. You need an original NIE document. A copy is not sufficient. Usually the real estate agent can help you get a NIE-number, if you do not have it already

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