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Asunto Espanjasta – Property from Spain

13 Jun

Las Hogueras de San Juan – The summer festival in Costa Blanca!

Las Hogueras de San Juan is a Spanish festival to celebrate the beginning of summer.

This celebration has been celebrated in Spain since the 1920s, and the tradition continues when bonfires, monuments and statues are set on fire at midnight at the weekend. The San Juan celebration is compared to the Finnish midsummer – only that Finnish people celebrates the midsummer and for Spanish it stands for the beginning of the summer. The Spanish are known for their love for celebrations and having fun with friends and family, and San Juan is no exception.

In Spain, the night of San Juan is traditionally spent on the beach. The night consists of bonfires, eating, drinking and socializing. The night of 24th of June is shorter than any other night of the year. During that magical night, according to the mythology, the strangest things can happen.

The celebrations start officially on the 20th of June, with the construction of bonfires on beaches and cardboard characters filling the streets. Some of the highlights of the party are the arrival of the bands and the queen and the traditional Spanish parade, with dance groups from all over the world. This festival is always from 20h of June to 29th of June.

Las Hogueras de San Juan in Alicante
This festival is celebrated in Alicante and it is one of the year’s biggest party it has also been declared as an international tourist attraction. There will be lots of events starting from the beginning of June until 24th when the celebration of Las Hogueras de San Juan will come to an end with big fireworks and statues and bonfires on the streets are set on fire. This is called La Cremá and during that time firefighters spray water over the viewers. La Cremá is originally originated as a cleansing ritual, when people forget all the problems and bad things that occurred during the past year. Inflammable dolls act as symbols of evil and misfortune.

The same traditions apply to Alicante where San Juan is celebrated by burning bonfires at the beach in 23rd of June. The celebrations of San Juan last for multiple days. Every May, the queen of the fiesta, Bellea del Foc, or “beauty of fire”, is picked from candidates chosen by local committees. There is also a firework contest during the festival. After the grand finale, between 25th and 29th of June, you can see the amazing firework shows of the competitors!

Also Torrevieja is celebrating the beginning of summer with bonfires. In different neighborhoods, people build their own bonfires at the beach. There is also spectacular midnight fireworks on Playa del Cura, which you don’t want to miss! The cleansing ritual is done in Torrevieja also, but it is slightly smaller than in Alicante. The festival begins a couple days before the Grand Finale, when the building of the statues and bonfires begins.


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